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To Access a Shared/Delegated Mailbox


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  1. Sign into your own Gmail account
  2. Click on your email address in the top-right corner

  3. In the drop-down menu that appears, once the mailbox has been delegated you will see the mailbox listed with (delegated) after the email address. Click on the delegated account (note: If you have a lot of shared mailboxes, you may need to use the scrollbar on the right to view them all).

  4. The shared/delegated account will open in a new tab or window. It will look just like another inbox but will NOT include:

    • Chat

    • Calendar, Docs/Drive, Sites (calendar are delegated separately and will be accessed through My Calendars or Other Calendars in your Google Calendar view)

    • Labs

    • Access to account settings

    • Themes