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Faculty, Staff, Administrators and authorized Students can utilize VMware Horizon to access virtual Windows 10 desktops for remote access.

  1. From a modern browser browse to
  2. You will be presented with two options:
    VMware Horizon Client or HTML access screen
    1. "VMware Horizon HTML Access" should work for most people and does not require any additional software installation.
    2. Advanced users may want to install a desktop application. For these users they can select "Install VMware Horizon Client" to find the appropriate client for their particular operating system.
  3. Login with your Siena credentials.
    VMware Horizon Login screen
  4. Click on the presented Desktop Pool to initiate the Windows desktop session.
  5. Use the Windows session that appears in your browser.
  6. Use the "Log off of this computer" desktop shortcut to logout.
  7. If you get disconnected without logging out the session should remain available to reconnect to for 4 hours.
    1. NOTE: Only do this if necessary.  We have a limited number of concurrent desktops available and not logging out restricts resource availability for others.